What is the difference between a tree lopper and an arborist

Tree Services CasinoWhen you are in need of tree services Alstonville, it is a must that you consult with people who have the right skills and experience to ensure that the job gets done. You definitely don’t want a quick fix to your “tree problems”, which could potentially result to a major concern down the road.
With more and more companies offering tree services, homeowners should have a good idea about the disparities between the services they could depend on. Let’s say you want to prune a tree in your backyard, a tree lopping company might sound good, but also an arborist. With these two choices, who can help you the most?

Tree Lopping in a Nutshell

Tree Lopping is a method that was once widely implemented and generally accepted way of pruning and maintaining trees. Basically, tree lopping Ballina involves trimming down branches or stems until it is short enough to prevent accidents.
More often than not, tree lopping Alstonville has been the go-to technique of companies that offer

tree services Alstonville when dealing with enormous trees. These trees are “lopped” when they are overhanging; thereby, cutting down the risks the trees pose to houses, properties, and the people below them.
There are a few landscapers that also employ tree lopping Ballina when reshaping a tree to facilitate its growth into a more aesthetically pleasing height and appearance.
But despite the convenience and benefits that tree lopping provides, you are actually giving more harm than good to your trees according to tree experts.

Lopsided Reality of Tree Lopping

Don’t get fooled by the cheap service fees. Tree lopping can only works on a short-term basis. Since tree loppers have no extensive background or training about the proper care and maintenance of trees, they just cut down the tree or its branches without considering the long-term health of the tree.
On the other hand, arborists have mastered the art of tree care, which is why they are also known as “tree surgeons.” An arborist will ensure that the tree has been assessed at every angle possible and in different perspectives before being pruned or trimmed.
Aside from the thorough knowledge and expertise in tree care and maintenance, arborists are also equipped with the skills and know-how in determining probable hazards while pruning. As a precautionary measure, arborists meticulously plan how they will proceed with the work to mitigate the risks.
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