Steve Cubis Tree Services: Professional Tree Services Ballina

Tree Surgery LismoreA tree that is obstructing the view or represents a hazard for family and neighbours is definitely a problem for most homeowners. Whether you need to cut an established tree, get rid of a stump, or remove some dead branches, it is better to call for professional help such as Steve Cubis professional Tree Services Ballina. Safe tree removal and surgery requires special training and appropriate equipment, otherwise you risk serious injuries or liability. Maybe you are a homeowner looking to keep their yard safe and good looking or a business taking excellent care of its premises – in both cases, we can help.

The good news is that ANY TREE, ANY WHERE has really been tested to its limits. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to the ways that trees react when being worked on, we are always able to come up with a safe procedure to complete the work. Steve Cubis professional Tree Services Ballina are the best solution as they provide you with the following benefits:

Removing tree safely

Don’t remove a tree yourself as injury can occur. Tree removal is hard work and it’s simply not worth wasting your time while also risking serious consequences when you can benefit from our services at competitive prices.

Removing ugly and hazardous stumps

Stumps are not something you want in your garden for multiple reasons: they are unsightly, they decrease property value, they attract termites, and children as well as adults can get injured by tripping over them. Tree services Ballina provided by our business have the power tools needed to remove stumps efficiently and completely – you won’t even notice that you ever had a stump in your yard!

Tree surgery

Removing dead branches that could be a hazard to you and your family is vital and we’ll take care to trim your trees while keeping them in great health and not affecting their aspect. As simple as it may sound, dead branch removal can be extremely hazardous and should be left to professionals. Moreover, tree surgery requires expert knowledge because cutting branches the wrong way can affect your trees permanently.

Emergency Work – storm clean up

When inclement weather strikes, we know the last thing you need is being on a waiting list while a damaged tree threatens to fall over your house or over power lines. Call us when you need emergency work done and we will come ASAP to take care of the business.

Environmentally friendly

There is one more reason to call to Steve Cubis Arborist Ballina Services – recycling waste from your garden and transforming it into something useful with no effort from your part. All of the trees and branches removed by our arborists are recycled into organic woodchip mulch for gardens, mixed hardwood firewood or milled for structural timber or to create furniture. If you have a green conscience, you’ll be thrilled to call to our services and know that the annoying stump in your garden is helping someone else to have a beautiful garden or enjoy a useful piece of furniture.

For ANY TREE, ANY WHERE, call us now and ask for a no-obligation free estimate!