Tree Services: Summer Care Tips For Trees & Garden

We enjoy our lawns and gardens the most in the summer, but this is also the time when green spaces need supplementary maintenance and care. You have probably noticed hLismore-Tree-Servicesow trees can become too dry or dehydrated, and eventually weak and prone to illness. Due to the hot temperatures we have been experiencing this summer your trees may need additional care to keep them healthy; you can achieve just that by calling to Bexhill tree services of Steve Cubis Tree Services. Steve Cubis Tree Services also offer Tree Services Broken Head and Tree Services Byron Bay and are specialised in taking care of trees in the sometimes harsh Australian climate.

Here are our top summer care tips for your trees and garden this summer:

1. Have your trees checked by a professional

Experts from Steve Cubis Bexhill Tree Services will check the overall health of your trees and can inform you if they are rotten and in danger of falling during a storm. Our dedicated staff can observe immediately issues that most homeowners overlook, to their disadvantage.

2. Water your plants and trees

During hot summer days, it’s vital that you water your plants and trees; otherwise you may find them one day dehydrated and ill. One tip from us: instead of watering your garden just a bit daily, water it every few days with larger quantities of water. This will enable you to put moisture more effectively into the soil and provide water to the deeper roots of plants instead of feeding weeds and encouraging shallow roots.

3. Keep soil healthy

Mulching is one of the best methods for ensuring a high quality of the soil. Use organic mulch which retains moisture and nutrients and doesn’t pollute the environment.

4. Prune your trees regularly

Pruning consists of removing any damaged or diseased branches – your trees will use their energy and resources for developing those branches that are healthy and aesthetically pleasing. This operation is better left to professionals like those from Steve Cubis Tree Services Byron Bay, because you need proper equipment and training in order to prune your trees correctly and without risking injury.

5. Choose the right trees and plants

When creating and developing a garden for your property, it’s important that you choose indigenous plants to populate it. You can’t accommodate a water-loving plant in an arid climate, or you will need a lot of effort and resources to sustain it. Ask for professional advice and you will surely find plants that you like and can thrive in the environment you provide to them.

Reading these pieces of advice, you may have realised you have a lot of work to do to keep your trees healthy this summer.  The good news is you don’t need to work hard to have a healthy garden on your property, just contact Steve Cubis Tree Services and our experienced staff will be looking forward to taking good care of your green space!