Winter Care Tips for Your Plants and Trees

stump grinding AlstonvilleJust like the human body, the cold weather throughout the winter has drastic effects on trees and plants. This is why you should not hold back in maintaining your trees and plants even during this time of the year. While taking care of your trees and plants present challenges because of the cold temperatures, there are ways and measures that you can do and implement to keep up a healthy landscape and avoid incurring unnecessary expenses for your tree maintenance. If you are looking for services such as tree pruning Alstonville and stump grinding Alstonville, Lismore Tree Removal Services has efficient solutions for your tree maintenance needs.

Winter Care Tips for Your Trees and Plants

Winter can be quite problematic for trees and plants, especially in cold areas. Such environmental conditions can slow down the growth of trees and cause the branches to break apart. This season also presents an opportunity for rodents, such as mice, to target trees for food. Listed here are tips on how your valuable woody plants can survive the winter season.

Prune them.

Pruning basically involves getting rid of unsightly branches that are either dead or dying. This cleanup process, while adding the aesthetic value of your tree, increases its structural integrity and strength. During winter, it is recommended that you perform structural pruning, which is ideal for younger trees. The main goal of structural pruning is to remove rubbed, crossed, and/or poorly attached branches and limbs. Since even the slightest structural flaw on the tree can become a total disaster in time, structural pruning can fix these defects head on.

Homeowners who don’t know yet the ropes on how to properly prune a tree should consult a professional. Doing this on your own will do more harm than good. Lismore Tree Removal Services has experienced arborists who can do tree pruning Alstonville. We offer tree cutting Casino and stump grinding Alstonville, among other things. You can click here for more details.

Don’t forget to apply mulch.

Believe it or not, drought can happen during the winter. Applying mulch will maintain the moisture and regulate the temperature on the soil. In turn, the plants and trees will have sufficient time to absorb the remaining water on the ground.

An alternative to Lismore mulch supplies would be organic materials, such as wood chips. Not only that these will retain the warmth and moisture from the ground, but also prevent the growth of weeds, which use the same water sources as with the trees and plants. For better results, you should spread the mulch at least 3 to 6 inches away from the trunk. This will prevent the growth of fungi on the trunk and keep the trunk from decaying because of too much moisture.

Move potted plants.

Potted plants are often used as embellishments both inside and outside the house, depending on the season. During winter, your potted plants should be moved inside your home since they won’t be able to endure the cold temperatures. Make sure that the plants will get adequate sunlight and checked for pests, like slugs and snails that often thrive under the pots.

Maintaining your trees and plants during winter may require a lot of work. If you are in need of professional help, Lismore mulch supplies, or even tree cutting Casino assistance, Lismore Tree Removal Services got you covered. Contact us TODAY to schedule a consult.